Shelter Cymru Housing Report

Dec 14, 2018

Shelter Cymru have published facts about housing and access to it within Swansea and Wales. Some key points raised:

  • In 2017, only 243 social houses were built in Swansea, 2818 in Wales.
  • Average house price is £144,586 in Swansea, £156,495 in Wales.
  • 5667 families are on social housing waiting lists in Swansea, 66386 in Wales.
  • Average rent is £599 in Swansea, £576 in Wales.
  • There are 2566 empty homes in Swansea, 28992 in Wales.
  • 363 households in Swansea became homeless in 2017, 11277 in Wales.

For more information and to read about how you can help tackle these issues, visit the article on the Shelter website.